Who we are

HCS is a close-knit community of students, faculty, parents and alumni who all share a common vision for the school. The cornerstones of HCS are academic excellence and a strong sense of community and Christian values – all evident from the moment you enter our doors. You will see students’ artwork and assignments on display in our hallways and in our classrooms. You will also immediately feel the sense of order and camaraderie that is essential to creating a harmonious atmosphere conducive to learning.

Kathy Le Gresley

Kindergarten Teacher

Nathan Gilbert

Grade 3/4 Teacher

Ruth Morden

Grade 7/8 Teacher

Courtney Greig

Grade 1/2 Teacher

Adriana Koornneef

Grade 5/6 Teacher

Music Teacher

Sarah Kydd

Resource Teacher

French Teacher

Lonneke Brown


Laurie Jolicoeur

PR/ Donor Manager

Jonathan Watts

Administrative Assistant

Arlea Parrish

Book Keeper